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I work full time doing video production, graphics, animation, photography and creating presentations in the medical education industry. It's a lot of fun- I get to see a slew of things that I would never have a chance to see in some "other type" of job. I learn about life everyday- how fragile and how beautiful it really can be. I also get to hone my skills in so many creative areas.

I also do Freelance work. This work has changed over the years- having different opportunities to work around the world (my favorites are Switzerland, Austria and Germany). Video production has been my forefront skills, but I also have a keen interest in photography, web design, animation and motion graphics. In all of this, Cinematography and Video Editing would be my main bread winner.

I am the webmaster and designer for L'Abri Fellowship International and several other small company web sites. I am also busy working on some new video and photo projects. I recently finished several projects that I have added to my website.

I graduated from the University of Georgia's Telecommunications/Journalism Department with honors, studying Video Production, Web Design and Computer Animation. I also lived in Europe for several years- traveling, studying and freelancing. I think this has been one of the most influential parts of my creative style. Living in the Swiss Alps let me roam freely through the mountain side to explore what ever I could find. Lots of times I would have my camera in hand- catching the wild animals or beautiful sunset or a friendly smile.

So this is a little about me! Drop me an email if you would like to talk further!

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