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Michael Shivers + mdshivers Creative Media has over 10 years of experience producing, directing and editing high quality videos for a wide variety of markets. From Cinematic Events, Corporate Education, Health & Science profiles, to non-profit promos.

We have a wide variety of experience with working with different clients and different budgets. Please have a look through this small sample of videos. We'll be updating more videos soon, so please come back to watch! Please feel free to contact us for any size project.

Chandan + Anandi Wedding Montage

A traditional Indian Wedding in Atlanta, Georgia. Filmed at the Atlanta History Center. The couple and the families were amazing and I had such a great time working with them. This is a 8 min Montage of the wedding. Filmed in High Definition 1080p.

Matt + Sarah Wedding Montage

A traditional American Wedding in Alpharetta, Georgia. I had a wonderful time filming Matt and Sarah's wedding! A very fun relaxing wedding and the reception was a lot of fun with great dancing. Filmed in High Definition 1080p.

AirTran Livery

I created a behind the scenes piece for AirTran to show what is involved with creating a new Livery and putting it on their airplane. This video was shown on their website to promote the new AirTran/Falcons partnership. I filmed and edited this piece. Chris Rank co-produced and contributed to B-roll footage. Filmed in High Definition 1080p.

AirTran Falcon's Partnership News Conference

I was asked to make a more artistic news release to celebrate the partnership with AirTran and the Atlanta Falcons. I filmed and edited this news piece for their website. Chris Rank co-produced and contributed to B-roll footage. Filmed in High Definition 1080p.

Dr. Arshed Quyyumi, Health and Science News Report

Emory Healthcare's marketing department asked me to help them with a project that had been partially filmed and needed to have a fresh makeover. I took on the task and added some of my medical B-Roll and created a new edit It was a lot fun working with them. April Hendreschke provided voice over and wrote the script. Filmed in High Definition 720p & 1080p.

TCT Emory University Live Case Opening

I made this video for the annual TCT Interventional Conference. The symposium features live procedures originating from more than 25 leading US and international medical centers featuring world-renowned operators performing complex interventions. Emory University, located in Atlanta Georgia, was chosen to do several live cases this year and this opening will be played before each live case starts to show what the city, staff and surroundings are like. Attendance is around 30,000 doctors and industry professionals. Filmed in High Definition 720p.

Minn Hemia- Sigur Rós Music video of the Song " Gr"

Short Film : Minn Hemia- Sigur Rós Music video of the Song "Í Gær"

I made this video for a contest that Sigur Rós announced in early November, 2007 (read here). The deadline to post to Youtube was December 5th, 2007 (Youtube Contest Page). The contest rules were to use the footage that they provided, mixed with one's own footage. I decided to create a narrative out of the footage after listening to Í Gær several times. This short film was shot in HD and the footage that was provided from Sigur Rós was upconverted to HD. Filmed and edited in a week, this has been a really fun project to take on.

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